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This weekend we treated ourselves to a traditional home cooked roast chicken dinner with roast potatoes, sage stuffing and gravy, all topped off with warm apple pie and custard. Yu-mmy.

I say “we”…

Me: “Bob, do you want apple pie?”


He sure as hell wasn’t letting it anywhere
near him. The funny but sad thing is, he’s never tried it. So he’s missing out on some pure, wholesome, delicious dessert potential. No problemo, more for me.

But it got me thinking. In what way am I being like young Bob in my life? What am I sniffing my nose up at and letting pass on by without even trying it out first?

The potential first date I turn down?
The speaking opportunity I turn away?
The phone call I never take?

It’s hard to resist that instinctive desire to pull back and stick safely with what you know. However, thanks to Bob, next time life sets me up with a new opportunity to mull over I’ll ask myself a very simple, smile inducing, question- “What if this could be as yummy as apple pie?”….. why would I turn that chance down?

They say a wise man turns chance into good fortune, well this woman might just turn it into dessert! 🤣🥰.


Lauren  x

P.S.  I now can’t stop singing “Bye, bye Miss American Pie” Ha! 

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