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Truly Alive

I’ve been alive now for 39 years, a corporate lawyer for 15 years, and a working mum for over 4 of those years.

I know that so many of us want to feel truly alive in both our professional and personal lives and not compromise ourself at the same time. But there are days when this feels SO hard, we’re tired, and, frankly, feel like giving up.

So how can we keep going?  How can we achieve this in our day to day busy life??  

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Hi there, I’m Lauren




People think I’m a little crazy as I do believe that we can have leading corporate jobs and be happy at home and in life. I just don’t always know how to do that and meet the challenges of daily life. Maybe you’ve had a baby and remember desperately thinking, where’s the manual for how to do this?  That’s how I used to feel and beat myself up for it.  Until I realised, we weren’t given the answers to this question.  We weren’t taught how to be happy in life and at work.  But the solutions we need are out there, just no one put them together for us in the way we need them to navigate our lives today!

So a bit like when I had a baby, I’m out there looking for answers!  I’m reading, listening to podcasts and studying courses in a ridiculous range of subjects from psychology to politics to empower myself to live, lead and show up differently.

I believe there’s not much point listening to a thousand podcasts if your life doesn’t feel better as a result.  So I will curate and share only the very best of what I come across and learn.  Giving you my spin and the results of trying to integrate it into my daily life.  

Let’s see if we can create a new way forward, together.

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