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More than ever I feel it’s time to share my experience, knowledge and stories to help support people to be themselves out in the world, especially the corporate world!

I’ll share to let you know you’re not alone! It is totally possible and we need You to be You! Let’s keep having conversations to help us do this together.

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Kind Words From Listeners:

“Warm, genuine and energising.

Lauren speaks with true passion and a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Thank you!” 

Absolutely superb. Lauren is a star, brilliantly authentic. We need more like this! 

I am the VP for the Women’s Network at XX and I have had a huge amount of experience in choosing speakers and Lauren was one of the best speakers I have heard! she was sincere, the guidance was real and the conversation was very topical. Well done!”

Very inspiring and so refreshing to hear someone address actually how they achieved what they set out to rather than just speaking in the abstract.”